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Hoskins Rd - North Vancouver

It all began with the introduction of a new deck! What initially started as a single deck project evolved into the creation of two stunning decks, complemented by a picturesque concrete path, transforming the backyard into a haven for an exceptional family to relish. The final outcome has left us absolutely delighted.

The journey involved the complete demolition of both existing decks, paving the way for the construction of entirely new ones using high-quality composite materials and sleek wire railings. The relocation of the hot tub became a reality through a meticulous process of rewiring beneath the concrete, resulting in a polished and seamless appearance. We couldn't be more pleased with the remarkable transformation that has taken place in this outdoor sanctuary.

The South side deck underwent a streamlined modification to comply with the DNV code, ensuring it maintained a slim profile that adhered to the 6-foot distance requirement from the neighboring fence. This adjustment not only met regulatory standards but also enhanced the overall aesthetic of the deck.

On the North side, a notable upgrade took place as the deck received an entirely new set of stairs. This addition not only provided a functional pathway but also contributed to the visual appeal of the outdoor space. The family now enjoys an extra access point to the breathtaking backyard, further enhancing the overall usability and charm of their outdoor retreat.

Significant work unfolded as the project involved the installation of new footings, laying a strong foundation for the structures. The framing process was meticulously carried out, ensuring structural integrity and durability for the decks. This phase of the project demanded considerable effort and expertise, highlighting the commitment to quality craftsmanship.

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