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320 Granville st - BOSA Commercial building

Turning an Unfinished Commercial Room into a Renter's Dream!

In the world of interior design and renovation, every project brings its own unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our latest venture with a beloved client showcased the true essence of transformation as we took an unfinished commercial room and turned it into a remarkable space ready for rental. This project was the culmination of a successful partnership that began with a kitchen renovation, flooring upgrades, and powder room enhancements, ultimately leading to the grand finale – a complete commercial room overhaul.

From Raw to Refined: A Seamless Progression

After our triumphant collaboration on various residential improvements, our valued client once again entrusted us with their latest endeavor: the transformation of an unfinished commercial room. The room, devoid of character and functionality, presented a blank canvas brimming with potential. Our mission was clear – to bring this dormant space to life and make it an inviting hub for future tenants.

The Power of Details: Crafting a Multifaceted Appeal

We embarked on the project by meticulously addressing the fundamentals. Electrical plugs were strategically installed, ensuring seamless access to power sources throughout the room. The drywall finishing process followed suit, transforming rough, uneven surfaces into a polished and pristine backdrop. A fresh coat of paint breathed life into the room, reflecting the client's vision and infusing a sense of vibrancy.

Undoubtedly, one of the standout features of this transformation was the installation of commercial-grade vinyl flooring. This decision not only added aesthetic appeal but also bolstered the room's durability and longevity – an essential factor in a high-traffic commercial setting. Adding a touch of uniqueness, we collaborated with our best flooring installer to incorporate the "Chase way wrap." This distinctive detail involved wrapping a section of the wall with the same commercial-grade vinyl flooring, creating a seamless visual transition and infusing an element of cohesion.

Meticulous Craftsmanship: Elevating with Air Conditioning and Ceiling Tiles

As the project neared its final stages, attention turned towards enhancing comfort and functionality. We seamlessly integrated air conditioning, ensuring an optimal climate for future occupants. The ceiling tiles were meticulously put in place, providing both an aesthetic finishing touch and acoustic insulation – a crucial consideration in commercial environments.

A Space Ready for the World: Completion and Rental-Readiness

With unwavering dedication and a keen eye for detail, our team executed each phase of the project with precision. The transformation of the once-unfinished commercial room was complete. A symphony of design elements converged to create a space that was not only visually captivating but also entirely functional and poised for occupancy. Within a remarkably short span of time, the room was ready to be rented out, a testament to the seamless collaboration between our team and our beloved client.

The journey from an uninspiring blank canvas to a fully-realized commercial space was a remarkable experience that underscored the power of collaboration, attention to detail, and skilled craftsmanship. Our partnership with our cherished client has once again yielded a resounding success – a testament to our commitment to turning visions into reality. As we take pride in our ability to transform spaces, we look forward to embarking on new ventures that continue to redefine what is possible in the world of interior design and renovation.

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