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I'm sure you have questions! so here we go. Below are the questions we get asked the most! If you can't see yours here, please contact us.

Where are you located?

Our office is located in North Vancouver, Canada, but we offer services around the Greater Vancouver area.

What is your availability?

That's an amazing question. By hiring us you won't have to deal with different trades! We deal with them for you, so you don't have to wait in line to start the project. We have a partner for every situation and we can also use internal resources to speed up the process in case one of the trades is too busy to start asap. Scheduling ahead of time is always better, but if you took a last-minute decision and decided to start your renovation next week, we can make that happen! 

How does the payment schedule work?

Payment schedules are tied to work completed. Any payment made to the contractor after the initial deposit must be about how much work is completed. A schedule of values will be provided with the milestones and payment schedule

Do you work on commercial projects or residential only?

We can work on both! our amazing owner worked on multiple commercial and high-rise projects before starting Mol Solutions, such as Starbucks, Rec and Civic Centres, high-rise commercial and residential buildings in downtown Vancouver and so on. 

Do You Charge Different Costs Per Season?
We strongly believe in offering fair and consistent pricing for our clients, therefore we do not charge seasonal mark-ups or high weekend costs. We take client-planner trust as a high priority and are 100% transparent on all fees.

How Do You Handle Covid-19?
During these difficult times, we understand there is added stress. We are here to make this as easy of a process as it has to be. That's why you hire us so that we take care of the non-fun stuff! Please share any Covid-19 concerns with your project manager and we will assist accordingly.


We are always looking for new and exciting projects.

Let's connect!

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