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Minimalistic Kitchen


New cabinets, new flooring, new countertop and backsplash, new appliances! When we say we are a one-stop shop we mean it. 

We have the best electrician and plumber as well, you don't have to manage different trades. We will do it for you.


Waterproofing systems, heated floors, new fan. And a super stylish hearing bone wall.

We work with any kind of system, one of them will fit your needs and budget.

Image by Laurence Katz

Full house

Prices can go really high once you upgrade your house. You can enjoy for the rest of your life or you can make some money selling or renting.

Flooring without transitions. Heated floors. Open concept kitchen.

Get rid of an old shower for a bigger closet, or the opposite. The ideas are endless.

Architectural visualization

Super realistic designs for you to be able to see the results before we even start. We do it for our projects and we can do for your company too. If your need is only to show your client, big or small, residential or commercial, with any kind of details. Give us a call and let us know your needs.

Interior Design


Avoid the headaches, paint spills, and messy edges that come with DIY paint jobs. Not to mention the sacrifice of the one thing you can’t get back- your free time. Painting inside your home is something you want to always put in the hands of trusted professionals for these reasons and more. We are honoured to work with you and take every residential job as seriously as if we are working on our own homes. Not only are you allowing us into your space, but you’re also giving us the opportunity to recreate that space in a new and transformative way!


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