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Cummins Pl, North Vancouver

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Sometimes, friends can become clients, and vice versa. In this particular project, the clients were a delightful couple with a strong appreciation for fish, although not for eating them! The central feature of the renovation was a fish tank, which required the construction of a large frame, demolition of walls, and extensive plumbing work to ensure a perfect salting and filtering system that could run smoothly without having to constantly carry buckets of water.

But the project didn't stop there - it seems like one thing led to another, and before they knew it, the team was also working on landscaping and siding. The full scope of the project ended up including the fish tank, framing, kitchen renovation, installation of an air conditioning system throughout the house, soundproofing between the basement and main floor, flooring, extensive drywall work, and the replacement of all windows and outside doors.

Undoubtedly, the kitchen stood out as the most impressive part of our house. However, transforming it wasn't a simple task; it required removing a wall. This process was far from easy, as it involved reinforcing the beam and transferring the load to three new posts that extended all the way to the basement. Despite the challenges, this significant alteration made an incredible difference to the entire house. The spacious, open kitchen became the heart of our home, bringing a sense of modernity and warmth that was unparalleled before the renovation. The effort put into this transformation was undoubtedly worth it, as it enhanced not only the aesthetics but also the functionality of our living space, making it a place where family and friends love to gather.

Additionally, since the deck also needed to be replaced, the landscaping was done as well.

Starting from the front of the house, the entire siding was replaced, along with a new insulation system, new windows, and a new front door.

After removing the partition wall, the load had to be transferred to the perpendicular posts. To accomplish this, three new Parallam beams were installed, running straight to the footings. While the floor was opened, the team also added Rockwool Safe'n'Sound insulation to improve fire resistance and acoustical performance. This type of insulation is non-combustible and will not produce toxic smoke or promote flames spreading, even when directly exposed to fire. This feature provides valuable extra time for people to reach safety and for fire services personnel to arrive in the event of a fire.

The transition that was requested by the client was a unique and special one, and it was made possible only through a collaborative effort between our team and our beloved client. We are extremely pleased with the final outcome and we hope that the client is also thrilled with the result.

The outside of the house was a whole separate project in and of itself! Our team had to lay new foundations and massive footings to ensure a sturdy and stable deck. We also installed a brand new deck that mirrored the cozy feeling of the interior space.

The team took great care to ensure that the new deck complemented the existing design and style of the house, while also incorporating new elements to enhance its overall look and feel. From the newly installed foundations and footings to the custom-designed deck, every detail was carefully considered and executed to ensure a beautiful and functional outdoor space that the clients can enjoy for years to come.

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