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Renaissance Square, New Westminster

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

We were recently given the opportunity to renovate an exceptional condo as a gift, and it was a project that we won't forget anytime soon. The space was filled with memories and personal touches from the previous owner, so it was important to us to ensure that every aspect of the renovation was done to perfection.

The kitchen was the heart of the condo and the main focus of our renovation. We opted for a mostly white color scheme with accents of grey, which gave the space a clean and modern look. The cabinets were custom-made to fit the space and provide ample storage, while the countertops and backsplash were chosen to complement the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

In addition to the kitchen, we also updated the flooring and lighting throughout the condo. We wanted to ensure that the space was bright and inviting, while also being functional and practical for everyday living.

One of the challenges of this project was incorporating the memories and personal touches of the previous owner into the new design. We worked closely with the new owners to ensure that we respected the previous owner's legacy while still making the space their own.

Overall, we're extremely proud of how this exceptional condo turned out. It's always an honor to be trusted with a project as meaningful as this, and we're grateful for the opportunity to create a space that the new owners can enjoy for years to come.

A partition wall needed to be removed to create the open concept that the client desired. However, before we could begin the renovation, we needed to obtain approval from the Strata and follow strict guidelines regarding flooring.

After obtaining approval and waiting for months for the permit release, we began the process of demoing the partition wall. The Strata had specified a specific vinyl flooring without an attached pad, and we had to use a very specific underlayment with a high ICC rate. Additionally, since the client did not want any transitions, we had to ensure that the entire apartment was perfectly levelled. To achieve this, we used a self-leveling compound throughout the entire space. The end result was a smooth and even surface, ready for the installation of the vinyl flooring.

Overall, this was a complex project that required careful planning and attention to detail. We were happy to work closely with the Strata and the client to ensure that all guidelines were met and that the end result was a beautiful and functional open-concept space.

The view from the entrance was spectacular! Removing the wall was essential to open up the space, allowing more natural light to flood in and making the house seem twice as big.

This wall could not be completely removed, so we added an overhang countertop after partially removed the wall.

In the left picture, it is possible to see the 90's colors shining through. We replaced the old steel tub with a brand new Rubix 6030 by MAAX, and added a dark grey touch on the wall to match the rest of the house.

The guest bathroom followed the same design patterns as the master bathroom. We replaced the outdated fixtures with modern ones and added new tiles to the walls and floors to create a cohesive look. The color scheme also matched that of the rest of the house, with dark grey accents and neutral tones. Overall, the guest bathroom was transformed into a stylish and functional space that guests would be sure to appreciate.

As part of the renovation, we removed the concrete base in front of the gas fireplace as well as the tiles around it to create a more open and modern look. Additionally, we spray painted the screen with gold parts, giving it a fresh and updated appearance. By the end of the renovation, the fireplace was transformed into a sleek and stylish focal point for the room.

The condo was sold shortly after the renovation was completed, which was a great outcome for our client. We take pride in knowing that our work helped to increase the value of the property and make it more appealing to potential buyers. We would like to extend our best wishes to the new owners and hope that they enjoy their new home.

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