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Dollarton Hwy, North Vancouver

Sometimes, we are grateful for the people who come into our lives and change it for the better. This particular client originally approached us for flooring installation, but we ended up doing so much more. We quoted for painting the unique two-story bedroom that was divided for his two children, and we also painted the entrance railing. This project could have just been another job for us, but with this client, we gained more than just a client. We gained a new life-long friend!

The fireplace pavers were removed and replaced after the laminate flooring was installed. We also added a new coat of paint to the walls, and voila! The carpet on the stairs was removed and replaced with the same laminate flooring installed throughout the rest of the house, complete with custom-made nosings for a seamless look.

For the kids' bedroom, we replaced the carpet on the upper level with a click system vinyl, and refreshed all the colors with different shades of grey.

The client is now planning to completely renovate their kitchen from scratch, starting with the area where we installed the laminate. Additionally, they have requested us to redo the fencing. These projects are planned for the summer of 2023.

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