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Arborlynn Dr, North Vancouver

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

This project was not just a typical renovation, it was a creative challenge that we were excited to take on. The goal was to split the basement into a rental suite while keeping the main laundry area separate from the rest of the house. We accepted the challenge and got to work.

The end result was fantastic, as everything fit perfectly into the designated spaces. The rental suite was well designed and functional, while the main laundry area was easily accessible and spacious. It was a great feeling to achieve our goal and provide the client with a well-organized and functional space.

Here is the plan: we completely opened up the wall and added two doors, one for the bathroom and one to separate the rental unit from the rest of the house. The color palette for this project was white, oak, black, and gold.

Here is the original laundry area, which needed to be kept separate from the rental unit. It was quite challenging to fit everything into the available space while maintaining a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout. But we managed to create a beautiful and practical laundry room that fits perfectly with the overall design of the house.

And after we tear everything down!

The client started with us from the basement and we worked our way up, literally. Our next step is the upstairs kitchen, which we plan to renovate in 2023.

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