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There can many pleasures and comforts associated with homeownership; the sense of pride and accomplishment, feelings of privacy and security, and the peace of mind that family and friends have a place to gather where they can relax and enjoy good company.

There are also some rather significant responsibilities attached to homeownership, including maintenance of the home and property, safeguarding the well-being of family members and guests, and striving to increase curb appeal and market value over the period of residency.

distribution of costs over the life cycle of a building, from the initial construction through to the disposal of the building

  1. Water ingress — due to lack of general maintenance and/or concrete slab and waterproof membrane failures, and poor detailing of window and door openings

  2. Incorrect installation of exterior building paper

  3. Poor detailing of flashings and interfaces between different cladding materials

  4. Condensation build-up, mould growth and rot of structural components due to lack of adequate ventilation in attics and roof spaces

  5. Failed sealant and mortar bridging  which allows water to infiltrate the walls

Those are some examples of many things that can cause you major headaches. 

A minor crack on the exterior can cause a huge, inconvenient and costly internal repair

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Pressure Washer on Stairs

Examples of routine maintenance activities for the building envelope system include cleaning debris from roof drains, washing the windows, and inspecting the sealants. Small repairs allowance included in the maintenance costs.

Building assets require maintenance and care to achieve their full lifespans. For a building that has been well designed, constructed and maintained, the assets can be expected to last their full predicted service lives. 

We have monthly plans to help you keep your house free of dirt and leaks, depending on the size of your property. Click HERE to book an appointment and have a free consultation.

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