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Smart Home

Home automation will help you make your home more sustainable, reducing waste. Its not only about been sloth. The lights doesn't need to be on if you are not there, or the heat don't need to be high on your living room during the night.

home automation

Sound system: with home automation, you can distribute music and videos to all rooms in the house, in addition to controlling the volume at home in one of the rooms.

smart home

With home automation, you can program lighting to light up in pre-saved settings, such as “lighting for watching movies” and “lighting for parties.”

o Remote lighting control: with a smartphone or tablet, you can turn off the lights if you have forgotten any or turn them on for when you arrive.

sound system
security camera

Security system: in addition to viewing security cameras via the internet or apps, it is also possible to configure smoke sensors, sprinklers and natural communication systems with the police and private security companies in home automation.

Biometrics: with home automation, it is possible to control the light and several other functions of the house, in addition to, of course, protecting the house against the entry of unauthorized persons.

Temperature control: with home automation, it is possible to activate the air conditioning (or the heater) before arriving home, cooling the air gradually to reach the ideal temperature.

Interior Design
Garden Hose Sprinkler

Garden irrigation system: with soil moisture sensors and timers, it is possible to create home automation in the garden, keeping plants always in ideal conditions.

Automated control of curtains and windows: with light sensors and integration with the lighting system, it is possible to take full advantage of natural light and prevent the lights from being switched on at unnecessary times.

Couch with Blinds Behind
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