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Mol Solutions was born from a perfect marriage between Technology and Construction. 

Together we can transform your teenager's bedroom into an inspiring and quiet environment. Renovate your house, maintain it. A one-stop shop for you to keep your mind free of problems!

And in the end, one goal: to make people life’s easier and keep the environment stand up.

Click here to know how this talented couple can help you to build your dreams.

Julia Pomerinskas


She started her carrier as a building maintenance supervisor. Graduated in Civil Engineering, specialized in natural gas distribution and worked for Shell for almost 6 years.

In the field position as Site Superintendent she worked until get birth of her beautiful baby and decided to move her carrier to the office. She was been at the forefront of projects such as Rec and Civic Centre in Port Moody, BC Housing and several high-rise building maintenance.


Cleber Pomerinskas


With multiple abilities, Cleber worked for ten years in the financial area of ​​ BNP Paribas Bank. He decided to follow his dream as a musician and worked for several years as a manager of professional audio companies.

Graduated from the Vancouver Film School with a specialization in Producing and Cinematography, he is the right person to help you if the subject is technology or audio and video such as building a studio, upgrading your home theatre, or making your house more efficient using new technologies.

Olivia Walker

Editor in Chief

Dan Mitchell 

Assistant Manager

Tess Andersen

Art Director

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor

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